Announcing corber / ember-cordova now supports Vue

For the past ~1.5 years, we've been extending the ember-cordova CLI experience - notably unifying Ember/Cordova Build and relevant validators into single commands.

As the project has grown, we've noticed a few consistent themes:

  • We now support other Frameworks, e.g. Glimmer;
  • Many of the tools apply equally to a non Ember context (e.g. splash, icons, lint-index, livereload); and
  • Most of the upcoming work (e.g. improved config, device signing) is not Ember specific.

ember-cordova -> beta

We see our scope as having moved to agnostically improving the JS Framework -> Hybrid Build experience. The ember-cordova name doesn't fit as well and has led to confusion ("Wait I can use this with Glimmer?").

ember-cordova has been renamed to corber (cordova ember), and we've just pushed the 1.0.0-beta-1 release. View the documentation at

The corber CLI has been extended to support the following frameworks:

  • Ember;
  • Glimmer;
  • Vue;
  • Custom (implement your own); and
  • We intend on adding support for generic Webpack applications next.

Example usage:

#Create a mobile project - run from your existing Ember/Glimmer/Vue app
corber init
corber platform add ios

#runs your JS builder and creates a mobile application
corber build

To view Quickstart or Framework information, visit

The future of ember-cordova & the Ember experience

ember-cordova can still be used as an ember-addon, and we will continue hosting the project at

In reality, the ember-cordova project could have been described as having two components:
1: A build CLI; and
2: A set of Ember Service bound Cordova plugins.

For the case of 1), we are encourage users to migrate to the corber beta.

The Ember Service bound Cordova plugins have been abstracted from the core repo for some time. Abstracting has made it easier to test & focus on isolated experiences for each, and we intend on continuing to maintain and build these. These same plugins can be used in corber.

ember-cordova migrations

Migrating to corber from ember-cordova is simple (instructions updated 11th Jan 2018):

1: yarn global add corber;
2: corber init - there is no need to pick a platform;
3: Copy ember-cordova/cordova/config.xml to corber/cordova/config.xml and ember-cordova/cordova/package.json to corber/cordova/package.json;
4: Delete your ember-cordova/ directory;
5: Uninstall ember-cordova from your project, and ensure it is removed from node_modules and package.json;
6: From your Ember project root, run corber prepare. This will install any plugins and platforms you were using prior;
7: If you have set up icons or splash screens, those will need to be copied over. You can also run corber make-icons and corber make-splashes instead.

You're all set!