Announcing ember-cordova

Yesterday we launched ember-cordova, which is our fork of ember-cli-cordova.

New Features

In the current 0.1.0, we have introduced:

  1. Hook support (beforeBuild, afterBuild, beforePrepare, afterPrepare). Use hooks for any custom clean up or tasks relating to your Cordova builds;
  2. Refactoring of tasks. They both now the canonical task structure, but also have some subtle differences. Notably, prepare now runs cordova prepare;
  3. Proxy commands to Cordova. ember cdv:foo proxies a command through ember cordova, but ember cdv foo will simply run foo in your Cordova directory. It’s ok to be lazy;
  4. We’ve introduced a Platform service (isIOS, isIPad, isWebView),
  5. Splash handling is now first class;
  6. Icon management is now first class;
  7. We’ve started wrapping Cordova services with light Ember bindings (for example, keyboard). More of these to come;
  8. The Keyboard service accounts for viewport resizing when the keyboard is active on iOS, stopping your window from resizing;
  9. Our Cordova service has been updated;
  10. Live reload does not require config. To boot live reload on a device, simply run ember cdv:s; and
  11. A general refactor & code clean up.

Why the fork

Our initial plan was to continue supporting and helping maintain ember-cli-cordova. However, many changes we want to introduce will break backwards compatibility.

For now, we are going to continue supporting the maintenance of ember-cli-cordova as well.

Migration path for existing users

You shouldn’t need to change anything at all.


For the immediate future, we are working on:
1. Improving test coverage;
2. Live reload improvements;
3. Bindings to more Cordova Plugins (e.g. Network, StatusBar); and
4. An ember/cordova install service. Either have ember install ember-cordova-plugin-foo install both the ember addon & cordova plugin, or achieving the same through ember cdv:install foo.


Special thanks to Aidan & Chris for helping me push this over the line, and to Poetic for being very supportive of our forking.

alex blom

Alex is the Managing Partner at Isle of Code and maintainer of ember-cordova.

About Isle of Code:

We’re a Javascript/Ember firm in Toronto + Chicago, est. 2012. We provide on-demand development for Mobile Apps, Websites, iBeacons/ hardware, existing codebases and team augmentation / Ember leadership.

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