Our Javascript, Ember & Commit Message Style Guides

Today I pushed a first draft of the Isle of Code style guides. You can view them here: https://github.com/isleofcode/style-guide

This iteration includes our approach to:
- General Javascript styles; - Ember specific conventions; and - Commit message structure.

We’ve been following these guides internally and with clients for some time. Given their nature, they are evolving documents and I have much left to include.

Take a look, and subscribe on GH if you’d like to see them updated as we go. PRs are always welcome.

alex blom

Alex is the Managing Partner at Isle of Code and maintainer of ember-cordova.

About Isle of Code:

We’re a Javascript/Ember firm in Toronto + Chicago, est. 2012. We provide on-demand development for Mobile Apps, Websites, iBeacons/ hardware, existing codebases and team augmentation / Ember leadership.

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